Friday, May 20, 2011

Packing for Camp

Last weekend I had a gracious email from one of our students asking about what to pack for our Canberra camp. After some thinking, I realised what your child packs for camp also has an impact on all Teachers in an indirect way (lost property, doing up and lifting over-heavy bags, giving away our own items so a student can stay warm, clean, dry or even safe.) So I decided to have a go!

Please find following a packing list for our Canberra trip:
Canberra Packing List

Please note that this list does not answer the vital questions regarding:
- Medication (to be handed in to class teacher before boarding the bus)
- Technology (will be discussed with students at school)
- Lollies (please use common sense, they tend to get gobbled up on the first day and do not always have the socialising effect that one would hope for.)

I would also recommend that you discuss the packing and unpacking of bags with your child, with at least one practice together taking place before camp day.
What may seem so simple to us can become an anxiety and frustration-inducing activity once your child is alone and responsible for their own items within a pressing schedule.

Iron on labels are vital for keeping items safe and organised. They can be purchased on so many websites with quick delivery options, including here.

In this case, familiarity with a simple procedure such as packing and unpacking can increase your child's confidence and ability to participate in our camp with maturity and independence. We are all looking forward to a fun and informative camp together!