Sunday, April 10, 2011

How the 2011 Japan tsunami happened

It was an interesting moment in my teaching career when the recent earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan. Of course, many of my students' questions were beyond my comprehension!
This 47 minute documentary explains the science behind Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami. I can really recommend watching it, I can see from the YouTube comments that it has been shown in schools around the world.

I think the benefit in watching this presentation with your child could be that it demystifies some of the 'it's magic!' thinking that comes along with such world events... (I wont even start on how often students ask me if I think the world is ending!)

If you do let your child watch the documentary make sure you are around afterwards to answer any questions or quell uncertain feelings (although the focus here is scientific.)

PS I just have to insert a warning here that I have no control over YouTube comments and you may see some nasty words there if you're not careful, you may need to have a quick check first if you're worried your child might see unsuitable words in the comments section.

Ebony's home after the quake.

For a first hand personal account, an old high school buddy of mine - Ebony (living and working in Japan), wrote about the quake and tsunami so eloquently here. It may be interesting to read a more personal reflection after viewing the more clinical, factual side of things and (I believe) it is suitable for your child to read.