Friday, April 22, 2011

PBS Autism Now Series

PBS is America's ABC 'equivalent' Network and has recently produced a six part series on Autism. Each clip runs for approx 15minutes and gives updated analysis and insight into this puzzling disorder.

Autism now affects 1 in 110 American children, similar to Australian statistics.

You can visit the website here for more detail and all available clips.

Part One: Introduction to Nick and Autism as a whole-body experience

Part Two: Autism Prevalence | Why are the numbers of children with autism increasing?

Part Three: Autism's Causes | The rise in autism numbers has caused a surge in research to find the causes.

Part Four: Autism Treatment | School systems often bear most of the burden of treating children with autism through educational tools.

Part Five:
Adults With Autism

I also need to insert a warning here that the comments section of YouTube may contain nasty language although I believe the comments have been disabled in this case.
This video content is intended for general interest and information only. This article is not entirely a reflection of my schools or my own personal views on autism although I hope it it will inspire some thought and understanding in our community.