Thursday, June 16, 2011

SMH Education Resources

The SMH Education resources webpage is a welcome opportunity to extend your child should the need or opportunity arise. Great for some 'extra holiday work' or developing your childs interest in current affairs and media.

NSW outcomes are addressed, across stages. In short, this work is relevant to the classroom and is linked to the requirements of the NSW Department of Education! All tasks are designed by local teachers, mostly located in Sydney at both public and private schools.

I would particularly guide you to the activities on offer in the 'Healthy Minds Part 2' section, where a range of writing tasks are on offer, asking the student to respond to sports imagery.

There are also links to a 'Weekly Assignment,' 'Everyday Maths,' and an online, multiple choice 'News Quiz' based upon each week's Sun-Herald newspaper.

This webpage may just become a 'go to' site for those sick days at home, rainy days, or holiday tasks needed to break up the boredom (I can assure you teachers are never bored in the holidays!) Enjoy.