Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks for the fun!

Please congratulate your child on behalf of myself for our successful trip to Canberra this week. We really 'weathered' some difficult conditions and I witnessed so many examples of responsible behaviour and team work from our students. Furthermore, we truly wowed museum staff all over Canberra with our excellent knowledge of Government. Well done class, you made me proud!

I was also very touched to receive my lovely class gift in appreciation of my attendance at camp. I must say it's the first time I have received something like that at this school, it was truly and gratefully appreciated. I hope it's the beginning of a tradition at our school for all the teachers who give their time to go away, it's a wonderful reflection of how thoughtful my class members and families are this year ;).

(Not from my classroom!)

Today I found this website featuring student classwork and it's quite humorous. If you are up for some light entertainment it's definitely worth a visit.

Not everyone is perfect.

I also located this funny post about teacher appreciation at one of my favourite websites,

Happy long weekend to you, I hope you have something lovely planned!